End of the year musings

It was good that I was keeping up with this journal in late 2103.  That way I was able to see what resolutions (I called them goals) I made at the end of 2012.  Here is the post.  My goals were:

  • Keep accurate and daily records of income (term used loosely because we really don’t have income as all we make goes back into growing the farm) and expenses.


  • Better my photography (which is going to happen by going back to school).


  • Grow market vegetables … not just grow them, grow, harvest and sell them!!


  • Keep better daily records of what’s going on with the animals. I did a pretty good job of it this year, but it could be better.


I did keep good income and expense records, just did not get them entered into a software program in a timely manner. That is being rectified now. I took a Quickbooks course over the summer.

******I did better my photography.********

Mother Nature had different things in planned this year and vegetables were a bust. That’s a goal for 2014 now.

My animal records got pretty good towards the end of the year. They still need work.

So, for 2014, my goals are:

  • Keep accurate and daily records of income and expenses using Quickbooks so I can do reports and find out with some accuracy how things are going here.


  • Continue to better my photography focusing as much as possible on Farm pictures so at the end of the year I can make a book of farm pictures and a calendar.


  • Grow market vegetables … not just grow them, grow, harvest and sell them!!


  • Keep better daily records of what’s going on with the animals. I’ve been meaning to purchase ear tags for the rabbits and soon I’ll get them and we’ll tag the rabbits so I can accurately keep records.  When working with purebred animals, an American Chinchilla doe looks like most of the other American Chinchilla does; same with the Silver Fox.

I guess it’s a good idea to keep working on goals that I made for 2013 that I did not quite make.  The market vegetables are going to be the problem.  Time, it’s my enemy.  Too much to do, too little time.  This semester at school is going to be demanding and I want to keep up my 4.0 GPA.

Waiting on Wally to call to tell me he got into work okay and then off to milk.  This will be the last reasonably warm morning for a while.  Come Friday it is going to be in the mid to low teens in the morning.  That is way cold for this part of the country.  Cardboard houses are not built to that kind of cold.  It will be miserable, to say the least.

Poor Old Yoda (my truck) hasn’t moved in over a week!  I started him and let him run for a while yesterday.  He’s become a dumpster.  Wally and I loaded trash on him last Sunday with the intention that I take it to the dump on Monday.  That did not happen.  It will today and I have a few errands to run then back to the house to work on expenses.  I got through March.  Still have a long way to go and I’m back in school next Wednesday.  On Friday I’ll go on campus and get my books for the semester then pick up a load of Chaffhaye.  I think I finally perfected feed for the dairy cows.  They both seem to be doing well.  Moonie is giving right at three gallons a milking.  Not sure what Penny is giving as her milk gets fed to the pigs.  She’s been lactating for ten months now and has slowed down considerably.  She’s due to April 12 so I’ll need to start drying her off soon.  We will not make the same mistake we did with Cocoa.  I’ll dry her off, but she’ll continue to get at least a portion of her dairy rations and I’ll increase her slowly when she does freshen.

I guess I had better go and get my milking equipment together and get it done.  It is going to rain later today so I’ll need to get the rabbits covered up.  It will only be a brief period of rain: they’ll need to be uncovered by the end of the day.  We’ll have to dump their water at the end of the day so I’ll be able to get them water in the morning.  It’s going to be so cold, we’ll need to put a light under the water pump to keep it from freezing.  ’tis the season.

Until later …