Joe needs a new name

“Joe” is just too close to “Gel” and it’s confusing to the dogs.  When Gel was used as stud for a local bitch I had planned to take a male puppy and his name was to be “Cian.”

In Irish mythology, Cian (/kʲiːən/ “ancient, distant”), son of Dian Cecht of the Tuatha Dé Danann, is best known as the father of Lug by the Fomorian princess Ethniu.

According to legend, he was born with a caul (a membrane enclosing the paunch of mammals, particularly as in pork and mutton butchery) on his head, and was turned into a pig as a boy when struck by a druid’s wand. Thereafter he could transform into a pig at will. In other versions he could transform into a dog.

I think Cian would be a good name for this dog so he is now re-named.

I love my instructor.  I wrote her yesterday telling her I was getting scared about running Gel in Open-Ranch this weekend.  She wrote back: “YOU WILL DO FINE IN OR – don’t worry about it. Dogs in Open don’t get the outwork and Gel will do fine – he does a nice job of controlling his sheep. Just breathe and and concentrate on each segment of the course, nice and controlled. Give your commands the same way you do at home.”

I love her!  We’ll still crash and burn, but I hope we can at least do it in style.  One thing I’m not going to do is retire too soon.  I have a tendency to do that, and it isn’t necessarily a bad thing, at least early on in our trial career.  When I felt like the sheep were beating my dog, I’d quit, which is a good thing with a young dog, but Gel isn’t a young dog any more and if I let him do his work, he can straighten out most situations. If Kessie gets in over her head though, I will retire with her because she’s not in condition to work too hard, too long. Then again, we only get five minutes so she should be able to hold up for that long.

Got everything done as planned last night.  Fence is re-set, sheep and LGDs are in it, got a good run in for the Border Collies, ate some supper, all was good.  As I expected, by the time I got the fence set and everyone that belonged in it, in it, it was getting dark.  As we got down into the far-back pasture, I wish I had a camera with me.  Fog was settling in over the tops of the grass.  The tops of the grass are purple in color this time of year and the fog settling on top of it was gorgeous.