Finishing my coffee …

My first day back to school was yesterday and it went well.  I am so enjoying school.  Today is my first day of having to be in school at 8:00 AM.  This means I really have to hustle to get everything done and I really should not be taking the time to write this, but it’s been on my mind.

I unpublished the Spellcast Farm Facebook page on Monday.  Since then, not one person (we currently have 436 likes) has written or called to ask if everything is okay.  That just proves how shallow Facebook is as far as “fans” “likes” or anything else. Of these 426 likes, I’d be willing to bet less than 10 of the people who have “liked” the page have ever bought anything from the farm.  So why “like” us if you do not support us?  Why say “don’t quit” when really, it does not matter to you?

So, do I continue to “play the game” and keep the page active posting cute pictures, encouraging stories, etc., etc. or do I simply can it?

Food for thought.

Until later …

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  1. Facebook tries very hard to filter out what they consider negative experiences. ( which I don’t agree with I wish they did no filtering at all) But that said most people probably just have not found out yet as they would have to go searching for your page and have it not show up. I enjoy the pictures you post on FB but I completely understand if you find it a waste of your time.

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