Farming Doldrums

I have been going through farming doldrums lately.  It seems no matter what I do to make things right, I just cannot get ahead.  It’s the quandary of not having what people want, when they want it.  Back when we did not have a lot of rabbit for sale, EVERYONE wanted rabbit.  I had pages of people on a waiting list.  Now that we’ve got lots of rabbit, well, no one wants it.  I do not know why.  I truly think they only want what you do not have and/or if you do not have it, they can go on down the line and get something similar from someone else.

We have not gone to the farmer’s market in about a month now and have no plans to return.  We likely will not return to the Charlotte Regional Market.  The Market’s practice of allowing resellers has been weighing on me for a long time now.

We plan to continue to farm, but likely only on a very limited scale.  I am in the process of closing the Farm’s Facebook page down.  Of the 440+ “likes” I doubt there are more than 40 people who have ever bought anything from us and likely less than 10 who buy from us on a regular basis.

I get tired of the “keep doing what you are doing” “we need people like you” etc., etc. but when push comes to shove, they really do not care.

So why keep working as hard as we do for so little return?

Why indeed.

Until later …

4 Replies to “Farming Doldrums”

  1. January is a hard month when you work outside. All months are hard when you farm. I have also been considering cutting back on my farming and only raising things for my household. I have enjoyed your facebook musings every day. Good Luck

    1. Thanks Linda. You’ve been very supportive. Not sure I can ever quit farming, but I can scale back on things that are aggravating, like Facebook. If farmers were meant to advertise on Facebook, there probably wouldn’t be that stupid farm town game.

  2. Well, I am one of those who only looks at facebook once every week or so and never post anything, but I have enjoyed your email updates. We bought a rabbit and chicken way back when you were in Conover and we never go to Charlotte Farmer’s market. You said you have plenty of rabbit available, so wanted to find out pricing on them since we really enjoyed the one we got from you. You guys have worked so hard, I am sad to hear you may scale down, but it is getting more and more expensive to feed any type of animal to the point of ridiculousness, so I understand. Good luck and let us know if you still have the rabbit. Terri

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