Back to being a prolific writer

Yesterday was a tough day.  Lots of aggravations and, more importantly, soul searching.  Both Wally and I are rethinking farming.  We simply are not making ends meet, at least not at this time.  It’s frustrating.

What I need to remember is that we feed our animals above and beyond what most people do and that is not cheap.  For example, our cows go through 10 bales of Chaffhaye in about 10 days.  That’s $150.  They eat at least two bales of hay per day, that’s $6 or $60 in ten days.  Hard to say how much ground grain they go through, but it’s probably 50 pounds every three days.  That’s approximately $60.  So, in 10 days, our milk cows cost us $270 to feed; I am not factoring in the bull or two steers we are raising for meat.  I’d have to sell at least 27 gallons of pet milk to feed just the milk cows.  That does not factor in my time taking care of them, gas running to pick up feed every 10 days, etc.

In 1960 the average farmer fed 25.6 people.  I do not think we are average farmers, nor has this been anywhere near close to an average year.  We’ve had floods, drought and extreme cold.  We need to just hang tough for now and see what comes in the next few months.  Once the grass comes in, our feed bills will come down.  Once it warms up, our loyal customers will start to come out of the woodwork and buy from us again, hopefully.

Until later …