Cold …

This cold really drains you.  I am sitting here in my office, in the dark and cold writing this, stopping every few minutes to take a sip of coffee which is quickly getting cold.

I told Wally when I got up this morning that I was glad that we were not going to the Charlotte Farmer’s Market right now because having to rush to get to school four mornings out of the week as well as rushing to go to the market on Saturday would do me in.  There’s lots of people sick at school and I hope I am able to stay well.  I am not a good sick person.

On Tuesday, I did my first still life photographic session in the studio.  I’m pleased as punch with it.  I thought I might like food photography.  This is an antique butter churn that I picked up a while back, loaded with some butter that I made a while back.  I made the bread as well.  It’s sourdough.

Bread and butterUntil later …


4 Replies to “Cold …”

  1. Nice photograph. I do pottery and have some items you could use if you need them for a photo project this semester. I have been wanting to come get a rabbit, I have never cooked one but the last recipe you posted got me started digging into recipes. I will call before we come to get one to make sure you still have one.

  2. Michelle, love the photographs. Stay warm, your food was real. Most food that is photographed is airbrushed or so the news article said.

    1. Most photography these days is edited to some extent. You can surely correct color in an image, which is what I think you mean by airbrushing. Ideally you want the image to be created in the camera, but cameras do not always see color and light like you want it to be, so you fix it via processing.

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