Rained out!

As I got closer to home last night I saw the clouds were looking ominous.  Sure enough, two miles from home it started raining.  Shoot!  The goats, sheep and LGDs were out without good rain shelter, they have plenty of shade, but they wouldn’t stay very dry, my lawnmower was still out and my three car crates were out.  Rushed home, grabbed Gel, got the sheep, goats and puppies up, put up everything that needed to go up and took the dogs for a quick run (in the rain) before coming in the house.  Cian got his first meal of rabbit last night.  The two LGDs each got a half of a rabbit as well, with the fur still on.  They were extremely happy about that.

I’m disappointed I didn’t get any training in, but I’m going to have to start to get used to not being able to train outside much during the week.  The days are getting shorter and shorter.

Spent time inside teaching Cian his new name.  I’m doing it as if his name were a clicker.  I say his name, then give him a treat.  That way, he’s learning to associate his name with good things.

He’s such a fun dog.

Tonight I plan to go over to Wally’s to work the four dogs, mine plus Kessie.  Hopefully I won’t get jammed up somewhere so I can’t make it.  Kessie knows her flanks and I want to take time to remind her of that.  I’m sure I’ll sleep well after working four dogs.  I’ll probably stop on the way home and grab a bite to eat so that will be out of the way so I won’t be eating at 8:30 or 9:00.

Keep your fingers crossed, if I can get Cian going, I can run him in nursery next year.  That’s a tall order for a herding reject, but I’m going to try hard.  It seems I do pretty well with herding rejects.  Remember, Gel was sold as an agility dog; Cian as a fly ball dog.

If he continues to do as well as he is, I’m going to start paying Wally for him.  He may not take the money.

Just checked the forecast for Saturday.  So far, so good.  It’s going to be cool in the AM with a high of 76.  Perfect weather for a sheep trial!