Got an e-mail from PayPal this morning stating that an individual had disputed a charge they made with us at the Farmer’s Market in December.  Looked back through my records and discovered the individual had purchased six pounds of ground beef and using a credit card.  Lovely.  Now I’m out almost $50 from my account because this individual could not remember purchasing ground beef on December 7.  I may not get the money back either.  We started to take credit cards as a convenience to people at the Farmer’s Market.  We loose three percent of the total charge whenever a credit card is used, but we accepted that loss as a convenience to our customers.  No more, should we go back to the Farmer’s Market, we will no longer be accepting credit cards.

It’s just piling up here lately.  I now know why so many small farms give up.  It is very, very difficult to make it.  At least to make it and stay truly small.  I wish we had beef to sell because that’s what everyone wants, but it takes a long time for a Jersey to get to butcher weight and even then, you do not get a lot of meat from them.  No wonder, they are milk cows, not meat cows.  They happen to be very tasty as meat cows, but you don’t get 1,000 pounds of meat from them.

People write and call out of the blue wanting to drive to the farm and buy milk.  No problem, we’ve got 20 cows giving milk right now and three refrigerators full of it.  They come, buy the milk or whatever and then we never hear from them again.  The truth is, we’ve only got one cow in milk and she’s not producing a lot because, well, it’s winter, there’s no grass, it’s cold and most of the calories that she consumes goes to keeping her warm, not making milk.

Yesterday was a beautiful day.  It got to over 60 degrees.  It was lovely.  Today, we are under a winter storm watch.  I need to get going and start working on images for the next digital assignment.  That may improve my mood.

Until later …