Farm to Fork Photography

Dabbling in something new here: farm to fork photography.

Pictured below is a bowl of gorgeous Spellcast Farm duck eggs from rare, heritage breed Ancona ducks raised humanely on pasture and pond.

Duck Eggs

Next we have said duck eggs fried up over easy with some locally-raised pork sausage and red potato pancakes topped with cheddar cheese.

Duck Eggs Breakfast


I still have a long way to go with food photography (like figuring out using the tripod I’ve had for about 15 years), but I have incentive.

I call it “farm to fork” photography because I intend to portray food in its natural state and where it comes from.  You may note some spots on the duck eggs.  I could have edited them out in Photoshop, but I elected to leave them there, in their imperfect state.  Food should not always be perfect, really, it should never be perfect.  Food, especially, good, honest food raised by good, honest farmers is going to have its imperfections.  But it will be delicious and nutritionally dense and you can feel good about eating it.

That’s my photography/farming goal for 2014.

Until later …