Working dogs …

Worked all four dogs last night, right up until it got dark.  All four did well.  Kessie concerned me a bit.  A few times she ran right up the middle of the field.  Something she’d never done until she started to do fly ball.  I shortened up her outruns and walked up the field closer to the sheep and pushed her out as needed.  After a few times of doing that, she started to do proper outruns.  I’ll work her again on Friday and hopefully she’ll outrun correctly on Saturday.

With Gel I practiced driving the sheep in a figure-8 around two barrels.  He did a pretty good job of it.  There were two strong draws: one into the woods down below and another through the gate into the next pasture.  Wally was standing in the entry way to the next pastured and helped keep them from going that way, but they drew into the woods pretty strongly.  That exercise really worked Gel’s brain and he started to fry a bit so I put him up.  He was driving quite comfortably though.

I only worked Fern once as she seemed a little off last night.

Cian got worked twice.  The first time he was pushy and fast.  He’s stopping and coming off the sheep better.  The second time I worked him, he was even better.  He just needs miles (and miles and miles).  I am going to focus more heavily on him at this time than Fern.  Getting him was a very good thing.

We tried to take videos, but the battery went dead.  I thought I had it plugged in to the charger, but I didn’t.  I also thought I dropped my whistle as I couldn’t find it when I got into the car, but discovered when I got home it was in my camera bag.  Good thing as I would have hated to loose that whistle right before the trial.  The sound carries well and it’s a darned $40 whistle that I didn’t want to have to replace.  I lost my brass Montana Lite a few months ago and I am going to replace that.

I came home to find farmers cutting the front field.  Doing the happy dance!  Hopefully it will be off the field by Friday night.  Maybe too much to ask for and it is likely they will be on the field working Friday night, but maybe we’ll be lucky.

The running order is posted for Red Creek.  I do not know many of the people entered, many are, I think, from Georgia.  I had a bit of a panic attack yesterday and wrote two close friends.  They did their thing and calmed me down.  Thank God for good friends.

As I write this, it is quarter of seven and 45 degrees.  B-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r