A treat!

School does not open until 10:00 AM this morning which gives me several extra hours to get the chores done AND get a shower!  Ran behind the eight ball yesterday morning and did not have time for one, which sucked!  I wash up and put on clean clothes, but that is no substitute for a shower.  I’ll even get to wash my hair!  Life is good!

There is a major winter storm on its way to the Carolinas.  Potential accumulation is six to eight inches, but some models show a foot.  That will cripple this area big time!  I feel sure I will not have school on Wednesday or Thursday; Friday who knows.  I just hope we do not lose power.  Just in case, we will fill up every container that we have with water, fill the bathtub in the master bathroom to use for washing and flushing, fill all of our available milk jars with water for drinking water and hope for the best.  We will have heat and it is not supposed to be too terribly cold (not compared to what it has been) and we can cook on top of the kerosene heaters.  I took out sausage and steaks so if need be, we can cook eggs and sausage to eat.

I am excited about the potential for some nice images.  I called the owner of Hart Square to see if I could come out there, but he was less than receptive (probably caught him in a bad mood) and you know, it’s just as well.  There’s plenty of beauty here.  I do not need to travel to find it.  I am trying to school myself to find the exotic here and stop looking for it elsewhere.

I did take a fair number of images over the weekend:

barbed wire

vines leading in



bed springs

Floral Chair


I am dabbling a good bit in what is called fine art photography, but it is also documentary photography because I am photographing both farms and abandoned houses.

I best get going and finish the chores.  I am sure the pigs are very unhappy because I have not fed them yet; Moon too because she’s closed on the back side of the paddock to finish her feed without Penny’s help.  Plus I’ll need to haul hay to the cows and rabbits, feed the rabbits, gather duck eggs, etc., etc.

Until later …