Looking for the Exotic

One of the last assignments we had in our beginning photography course was to research and do a powerpoint presentation on a photographer.  I chose Keith Carter because I was drawn to his images of animals, particularly horses.  The image I chose to analyze for the presentation was this one, simply because it was one of his more famous images and there was a lot to critique.  His animal images tend to be very simplistic and minimalistic.


This image is called Fireflies.  Carter uses a special camera that enables him to do this type of tilt focus to his images.  If you look closely, the focus in this image is on the magnolia leaves above the head of the boy on the left.  The image has a murky, dreamy quality to it that I love.

Since then, I purchased a used Original Lensbaby lens which is a lens that allows you to do this type of tilt focus with a digital SLR camera (like I have).  I bought it several months ago, but I had not used it.  I did yesterday and am madly in love with it!  It’s hard as heck to use and I took a lot of bad shots, but I really loved these two:

Duck Feather Bird

Duck Feather Humming Bird


They are both of duck feathers stuck in branches.  There’s lots of them down by the pond.  The feathers look like birds themselves.  I plan to try to get at least one more and use them for this week’s assignment which was to take three images purposely out of focus. The images are supposed to relate to each other.

I posted this pictures on Facebook as well:

Duck Flurries

It was taken by accident during some of the heaviest snow but I like the blurriness of the ducks and the snow coming down.  I wish it had a less distracting background and down the road I may try to work with that in Photoshop.  I wish I had been able to get more snow pictures because it was really beautiful here for a very short time (it’s an extreme mud pit now), but all of my energy was in use taking care of everyone in all the snow we got.

Anyway, to date, three people have liked the images (one of the three is Wally).  Now, if I posted a cute picture of a kitten, puppy or calf, LOTS of people would like the picture, but these fine art-type shots, nope, they are just too abstract I guess. It’s okay, I like them and I see a lot of future potential with the LensBaby and am looking forward to exploring it.

Back to the exotic.  On Saturday, I got Wally to take me to three different locations to take images for this assignment.  None of the images that I took, in my opinion, were as good as the ones I got right here on the farm.

One of Keith Carter’s quotes really resounded with me:

“When I was younger I used to think I had to go to New Guinea to make an exotic photograph if that was my intent. I see now I live in the most exotic place. It depends on the eyes-how you view it.”

~~~~~~~~~~~ Keith Carter

I too live in a very exotic place and I need to remember that when it comes time for the next assignment and stay home to take pictures and unless they are of kittens, puppies or calves, not post them on Facebook.

Until later …


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  1. Hey Michelle,

    I quite like your photography – I always have. You’re got a good eye for composition. Keep up the good work!


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