Charlotte Farmers Market

Wally and I made the difficult decision this week to not return to the Charlotte Farmer’s Market. This decision was made for numerous reasons, but primarily due to the recent policy change which prohibits farmers from parking their vehicles in the space behind where they vend. We can park our truck there if we pay an additional $15 bringing our total daily rental to $30 per day, but we feel that is an excessive fee. Unless the extra $15 is paid, all farmer’s vehicles must be parked in the parking lot near the greenery shed.

I am sure the Farmer’s Market management had good reason to make this change, but it creates an unnecessary hardship for us.

Beginning in April, we will be available at the downtown Hickory Farmer’s market. This is a completely local market (no reselling allowed), much closer for us to travel with ready access to cash machines for customers who forget to bring enough cash (the other reasons why we have made this change).

I know many of the people reading this newsletter live in Charlotte and you are still more than welcome to visit the farm by appointment to make purchases. Those of you that are local, we hope to see you in Hickory Saturday mornings beginning in April. Once the market is open Thursday evenings, we will be there that day as well.

Until later ….