Now what?

I’m suffering a bit of a let down today.  I know I should be doing something, but I’ve been pretty lazy this morning, at least as far as the dogs are concerned.  I have been doing some house cleaning.  I’m reading the last book of the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn, and am almost done with it.  I was so hooked on the series, I couldn’t wait to read the final book so I borrowed it from the library.  It is on its way via book-on-CD and I’ll probably listen to it again, even though I’ll have already finished the book.  I read a chapter, then go and clean a room, read a chapter, clean a room

I got a bit of bad news at work on Friday.  The head of Human Resources called me around 2:30 PM.  My heart stopped, HR calling you Friday afternoon might be very bad news.  It really wasn’t, but it lead to some bad news.  There was a position opening in the Patent Department and she wanted to know if I was interested in it.  I told her, not really because I really like working for the lawyers that I work for, then I said to her, do you know something I don’t (meaning am I slated for a lay-off).  She told me no, just that they were looking to fill the position from within the firm and I was on the list of people looking for extra work.  I told her I’d think about it and get back to her.

I thought about it for a while and then called the senior partner in my department on his cell phone.  I told him what happened and that I really didn’t want to leave his department because I enjoyed working for them.  He told me that they enjoyed working with me very much and that I did a good job, but things are bad right now in Charlotte.  He said he needed to talk to the head of the finance department and see what the plans are.  Three paralegals left the finance department in the past six months and they have not returned.  Two more are pregnant.  I assume they’ll be coming back, but there will be extra work to be done when they are gone.  I have been picking up some work from a group of attorneys on the 43rd floor which has been helping to keep me busy.  But, I’m scared.  I can’t afford to be out of a job.

I talked to the attorney at my office who has Monty (Fern’s brother) and told him what happened.  He said, if it were him, he’d try for the patent job.  That the firm was starting to loose revenue and they might start to make cuts.  What makes me particularly upset about this news is that they just brought on a bunch of new associates, some lateral transfers and new members.

You may know that Wachovia failed recently.  Wachovia is the second largest bank in Charlotte, which is the second largest banking city in the US.  It looks like Wells Fargo is going to buy Wachovia, which is a good thing for Wachovia’s employees, Charlotte and the firm I work for.  Citigroup is making noise that it was looking to buy Wachovia and had put in an offer before Wells Fargo.  Citigroup buying Wachovia is not good news of any body.  Hopefully Wells Fargo will prevail.

The economy is simply not in good shape.  My workload is half of what it used to be and has been that way for a while now.  Several of the companies that we did loans for are in default or have filed for bankruptcy.

From what I’ve heard, patent paralegals are very valuable because there are not too many of them.  The patent department, while not recession-proof, is not as sensitive to market changes like commercial real estate is.  It may behoove me to interview for the job, see how I like the people and maybe make the transfer.  Learning a new type of law would be exciting.  There is a lot of computer work involved, including use of databases.  I love database work.  We’ll see what happens.

Then again, I know there are other people on that list and they will likely apply for the job as well.  I’ve already started updating my resume and will submit it first thing Monday morning and see what happens.  I am a firm believer that everything does happen for a reason and maybe I am due for a change.

The deer did not get delivered last night.  He called and left a message last night saying that it was a small deer and he decided it probably wasn’t worth my time.  I wish he let me make that decision.  Meat is meat and I hate that he just threw it away.  I was going to go out to Salisbury and work sheep, but cancelled because I thought I would be butchering one, or maybe more, deer this morning.  Since that isn’t happening, I might as well see if I can go to Salisbury.  Then again, I’m afraid to spend the money on gas and the lesson.

I’ve been invited out to another Open handler’s farm to work dogs as well.  He has wool sheep and since we will be running on wool sheep in the next trial, I should spend some time of them.  I have verified that the sheep will be Polypay sheep.  Gel shouldn’t have any trouble with them, but you never know … I was told that they tried to get a flock of hair sheep to use for the Pro-Novice and Open Ranch runs, but the owner of the Polypay sheep said that he wouldn’t allow his sheep to be used if there was another flock of sheep on the premises.  Can’t say I blame him.  I wish I could get Gel shedding reliably as I’d just move him up to open so I could run both Saturday and Sunday and not take Friday off, but I really should hang in Open Ranch for a while longer.  His driving is still weak and his shedding is more like playing bumper cars with sheep.  He comes in straight as an arrow and at 100 mph, but he’ll grip or slam a sheep on his way in.  When I practiced shedding with him on Friday night (separating the goats from the sheep), he almost knocked over one of the goats when he hit him.  Crazy dog!