Looking forward to your meals

I wonder how many people actually look forward to their meals.  I almost always do, lately even more so.  Remember the cranberry beans that I had on the stove on Sunday?  I made them into baked beans, finishing them under a layer of pork ribs (from our pigs) in the crockpot.  I was so excited about that meal and I was not disappointed.  The next day, I cooked burgers (from our cow) in the same frying pan that I had cooked sausage in on Sunday.  I left the pan on the stovetop with a tight fitting lid.  Perhaps not as sanitary as some people would like, but so far, neither Wally or I have died from doing this and the pan drippings from the sausage makes for a wonderful cooking medium for our lean, grass-fed burgers.  With the burgers we had more baked beans and some potato salad (made from scratch using store-bought potatoes and our duck eggs).  Tonight we are having boneless chicken breasts (organic, store-bought) with the same side dishes.  I break up our meals of pork and beef with store-bought chicken perhaps once a week.  We used to each chicken much more frequently than we do now.  I was thinking this morning I should take out some steaks to cook in the same pan I cooked the burgers in, but alas, I gave it to Gel to lick clean and that’s where I draw the line on use and re-use.

Since the late winter, early spring weather has been so uncooperative, I have elected to completely forego spring crops.  Instead we are going to grow summer and hopefully fall crops.  I want to grow a lot of beans, both to be eaten fresh (and frozen) and stored dried.  Now that I’ve finally mastered cooking dried beans, I want them to be our beans as much as possible.  Dried beans are perfect because they store so well and add so much to a meal.

Our neighbor up the hill is having an auction beginning April 12.  He’s selling off a lot of his old tools, antiques and equipment.  This saddens me because I enjoy photographing it.  I learned how to use a hot shoe flash over the past few weeks in my studio class.  Well, really I learned to do it by experimenting.  I’m particularly pleased with this image.  A trained eye may be able to tell it was lit by flash, but I believe it looks like natural lighting.  I did not think I’d like using a hot shoe flash because I like natural lighting so much, but now that I’ve learned to use it correctly, I see its benefits.  I would not have been able to have so much of this image in focus if I did not have the additional light from the flash.  It’s nice to have lots of tools in my photographic bag.



Until later …