This is plumb ridiculous!

I cannot believe I’ve gone this long without writing!  No excuse other than being busy, but I take the time to update Facebook, which seems like it’s so much easier than writing here, but really it is not.  So, here’s the Memorial Day Resolution:  I will update this page EVERYDAY and include a photograph or two.  I’m cheating a bit today using photographs I took on Saturday at the Downtown Hickory Farmers’ Market, but I need to make good on this promise.  Like any muscle, my writing muscles will get out-of-shape if I do not use them.  Same deal with my photography.

Wally and I just finished planting the area where we raised three pigs over the winter in a cover crop.  It’s only taken about a year to get this cover crop planted.  Hopefully the seeds are still viable.  They looked fine and they’ve been stored in a cool, dry place.  Our mixture includes:

  • Chicory;
  • Sainfoin;
  • Sunflowers;
  • Flax;
  • Buckwheat;
  • Sudangrass;
  • cowpeas;
  • Sunn Hemp;
  • Pearl Millet; and
  • Phacelia.

Last year, we did not have a tractor and given we got heavy rain about every other day last year, it was impossible to get any local farmer to do any tilling for us because whenever it did not rain, they were working in their own fields.  We got a tractor the end of the year last year and it has been a godsend.  As I write this, Wally is hooking up the bush hog to do some areas of the yard.  The lawnmower is being repaired and the yard is getting to be like a jungle.

There is a chance of rain every day this week so it’s a good time to get seeds in the ground.

I finished spring semester at CVCC on May 7 with straight A’s across the board.  It was a difficult semester in may respects, but I grew a lot in my photography.  I am looking forward to the fall semester, but first I need to get through summer.  I am only taking one course: math and I’m going to have to work my butt off to continue with my straight A average.

Since the spring semester ended, I’ve been working really hard to get as many of the raised beds planted as I could.  I’ve done pretty well.  I’ve got five more to go.  I’ve planted a lot of beans!  Love beans, they are pretty to look at and really good to eat.

I also got the Spellcast Photography web site up and going.  Not even sure if I made reference to our new logo or not.  Lots has been going on and I’ve been very, very negligent.

It will change!

Until later …