One cup of coffee …

Here it is 5:49 and I’m following through with my resolution.  I’m waiting for it to get light enough to see before going down to deal with the cows.  We had a bit of a rodeo last night.  I believe Penny is ready to come into heat and our Jersey bull, Tanner, has turned into Houdini.  Not sure how he got out of the pasture up to the milk shed, but he did.  So not only did we have the two milk cows and a hungry calf (Peaches) but we had a bull too.  Said bull started butting the tub that we feed the milk cows in and was getting increasingly more rowdy.  Then he started rubbing his face in the dirt.  Not good.

Jersey bulls have a bad reputation and it’s a very well deserved reputation.  We put the fear of dog into our bulls early and to this day, Tanner is afraid of Gel, but I know he’s a potentially dangerous animal.  We quickly milked the cows and got them, Peaches and Tanner all back down into the pasture.  I sure hope Wally could be here to help me with them this morning.  Hopefully he will have bred Penny last night and be a calm bull this morning.

The same thing happened when Moonie was in heat last.  I went down to milk and found Tanner up with the cows.  The next day he was fine and Moonie was bred.

I love my cows and really do not miss the goats except for the times when they act up. Wally will call in an hour or so to check to make sure I made it though okay.  Luckily I have Gel to help.

I start class today.  As soon as I get my chores done, I will clean up and head on campus to hopefully get my books.  I am going to school via the Workforce Investment Act.  When I got into the program, it was cool.  About six months ago, it was taken over by a new agency that is much less than ideal.  Getting my books is proving problematic.  I had to go to the supervisor last week and I am hoping that her influence will straighten out the problems.  Time will tell.

We got a good rain shower yesterday afternoon.  I was really glad to see that and hope that we get rain showers every afternoon.  That will give the cover crop a good start.  I hope that I’ll be able to get my books and get back here early enough to get another bed or two planted.

I do a lot of hoping don’t I?

In the garden, I planted several beds with predatory insect and bee friendly plants.  Not only will it help the all over health of the garden, but it will make it pretty.  I planted what I call a “photographer’s garden.”  It will both provide Wally, me and some of our lucky customers with vegetables, it will also be good for photographs.  It’s still in it’s infancy stage and many seeds have not even germinated, but this rain will help.  So looking forward to seeing most of the beds in growth.

Yesterday afternoon, I spent a good deal of time working with both Lightroom and Dreamweaver on my photography website, Spellcast Photography.  It’s coming along well. Take a look at it and let me know what you think.

Coffee is done.

Until later …