Creativity and Flexibility

The problem faced by so many small farmers today is the lack of creativity and flexibility in so many Americans today. The get fixated on what’s available in grocery stores on a daily basis. You can walk into a grocery store in the dead of winter and purchase tomatoes, cucumbers, summer squash and basil. You walk through a farmers market or sign up for a CSA and what do you get now?  Kale, radishes, salad turnips, lettuce and if you are lucky, a few snap peas. Kale? Radishes? Salad turnips? What do you do with those?  Well, you get creative. You look up recipes. You blanch and freeze. Seasonal vegetables are here for a reason. Kale is one of the most nutritious vegetables you can eat. A lot more nutritious than vegetables shipped a thousand miles across country or grown in heated greenhouses.

I love tomatoes and cucumbers but I much prefer them in season and try to refrain from buying them off season and do my best to be creative and cook either seasonal vegetables or those that I either canned or froze.

I have never been much for forcing things to do what the would normally do. Maybe that’s why I still do not have a greenhouse.  My tomato plants for this year: volunteers that came up in the garden. It will be a long time before we harvest tomatoes, but they will be oh so good.

Until later …