Back to School

Agh, logged on to Blackboard (CVCC’s on-line class portal) and looked at the syllabus and calendar for the math class I’m taking.  It’s going to be a lot of work!  As best I can tell, it’s all basic, every day math, statistics, logic, finance, probability, geometry, etc.  If I apply myself and do the work, I should be okay.

Next semester, I have portraiture, commercial photography, photojournalism and portfolio.  It will be an interesting semester.  I was dreading portraiture, but I am not now.  I’ll eat up photojournalism and portfolio will be fun.

I sure wish Penny would come in heat so that Tanner can breed her and be done with it.  But like all that Penny does, she does it in her own good time.  Last night while I milked, Wally kept him from coming over the fence.  I figured out yesterday where he was coming over and we will fix it, but at this time, if we fix that area, he’ll just find another one.  The drive to reproduce one self is pretty strong in animals.  We need to start looking for a replacement for him.  I hate that because he’s polled (naturally no horns) and his offspring could be polled as well.  If Moonie has a heifer (female) calf, it may be even harder to let him go.  As long as no cows are in heat, he’s fine.  We keep a close eye on him, but in general, we do not need to be around him much.  We are going to try a different means to keep him busy while I milk tonight and see if that works.  Meanwhile, Penny, come in heat and be done with it!

We are considering bringing in another breed of cow to use as a bull, something with a little more gentle disposition than the Jersey.  That would mean any heifers would likely be used for beef, but surely there’s a breed of cow that produces a decent amount of milk and has good carcass quality.  The Devon is a possibility.  We’ll see.

Off to make Wally’s lunch and then get my milking supplies ready to go.  I did not get any garden beds done yesterday so it needs to be done this morning.

Until later …