Doin’ the Happy Seed Dance

Yesterday morning, I got a half bed of October (Cranberry) Beans in one bed (will get the other half done this morning) (NOTE TO SELF: order larger quantities of beans next time), Purple Podded Pole Beans planted around one bed of corn (will plant Scarlett Runner Beans around the corn in the other bed), got another bed worked up and ready to plant with predatory insect-attracting wild flowers and transplanted some volunteer sunflowers.  It was HOT yesterday!  I was very glad to see it start to rain around 7 PM.  I’m sure the seeds were doing the happy seed dance.  We are forecast to get more rain today and tomorrow.

I tried to get into math yesterday, but was not successful so I need to put a good deal of time into it today.  My brain just wouldn’t work yesterday and I wasn’t grasping the concepts.  I think this math course will go okay as long as I put the time into it. It is so hot and humid that it’s no wonder my brain is not working. I feel really bad for the animals, especially the rabbits, when it is this hot.  They are so uncomfortable.

Well, I best get going and get the cows milked, which means doing the cow rodeo.  Penny has not come into heat yet and Tanner is still being obnoxious.  I poured a bucket-full of alfalfa pellets over the fence yesterday which kept him busy long enough to get the cows milked and I’ll do the same this morning.  Once she gets bred, we’ll hopefully get a break until November or so when it’s time for Moonie to get bred again.  Then something will need to be done about this bull business.  I’m on the waiting list for a bull calf from the dairy that we get our cows from.  Two years is about the longest we can safely keep a Jersey bull.  I feel sure there’s no such thing as a gentle Jersey bull.

Until later …