Math Breakdown

I had a math breakdown yesterday.  I did the chores and then drove to a feed store to pick up a load of Chaffhaye then flew home to start the last section on sets.  Now, really, who cares about this gobbly-gook?

N = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, …, n, …} → O = {1, 3, 5, 7, 9, …, 2n – 1}

Looks simple enough, huh?  I stared at it and stared at it and tried and tried to get the homework right, for hours!  I couldn’t get it.  I turned the computer off and called the woman in charge of my case at the agency sending me through school to tell her I COULD NOT do math over the summer and that I was dropping the class and I did not care what happened.  Got the usual vague responses.  Then I called the instructor to tell her I was having a math breakdown.

She immediately talked me off the cliff and suggested that I come on campus to meet with her.  I quickly went out, off-loaded the 500 pounds of Chaffhaye, re-watered all of the animals, took a shower, cleaned the dirt out from underneath my fingernails and went on campus.

Relief!  I’m really not as stupid as I thought I was.  I worked up in the math department, asking questions when I got stuck for about two hours, then went down to the lab and worked for another couple of hours.  I got through the homework and the test and got an 89!  Yes! Not an A, but I’ll take it.  Screw the 4.0 GPA! If I can get through this class with a B, I’ll be happy.

Wally got home around 3 and I did not leave him a note or text him (was too engrossed in math).  When he saw I wasn’t home, but Gel was, he looked to see if my camera bag was still there, it was.  Then he got a bit worried.  I texted him around 3:30 to let him know where I was (that was the first time I looked at the clock).

Now, hopefully the next chapter, Logic, will go a bit easier.  The goal from here on out is to do a section a day.  She gives us three days to work through three sections.  If I get stuck again, I’ll immediately go on campus to get help.

Meanwhile, Wally and I are driving to Mocksville this evening to pick up a dog (a Border Collie) and a six month old Jersey bull.  The dog, talk about fate.  We bought a Jersey bull from this family years ago.  They kept the farm card.  They got a started Border Collie from a friend of a friend about four months ago.  While he’s a really nice dog, he’s a bit too hard wired to work for their liking and the husband, who was going to use him to work their cows, was too busy to spend time with him.  They wanted to know if I wanted the dog.

Well, I know the definition of “started” “trained” and “good” dog mean different things to different people.  I called the breeder/trainer and talked to them at length.  Yes, the dog is started.  He’s not a trial dog because he’s a bit too pushy for sheep.  He’s fast and a freight train on stock.  No, problem, we need a freight train sometimes, but he’s got brakes and he’s very, very well mannered.  He’s a neutered, smooth-coated dog coming on three years old.

Gel will not be too happy with that arrangement, but we’ve got to get a second Border Collie here because while I’d like for Gel to live forever, that is not going to happen.

So on the agenda today is chores (the cows are up in their milking pasture this evening, yea!) then hook up the trailer to the ATV and head out to scythe some grass.  I have done little scything this year and I hate that!  The exercise and meditation of scything will do me good.

Then hopefully get through the first section of math.

Until later …