New Dog and New Baby Bull

We picked up both a new Border Collie and a new Jersey bull last night.  The new dog’s name is Jackson or Jack.  The new bull is Dutch.  Both Wally and I are really liking Jack.  He’s been well started on stock, but is a bit too pushy for trial work.  That’s okay, pushy is just fine here on the farm.  He has a lot of obedience training and he’s great in the house.  So far, he’s been nothing but a pleasure. How we came about getting Jack is nothing short of fate.  It goes to show, when you wait and exhibit some patience, good things come to you.

The bull, well, he’s going to need a good dose of Gel to learn Gel is DOG around here.  He is a little older that what we usually like to bring in, but he’s a nice little bull and Tanner’s days here are becoming numbered.  Hopefully that lesson will go easily.  When it cools off, I’m going to separate off the steers and maybe Peaches to start working Jack.  It’s going to be too hot over the next couple of days.

Jack is extremely well bred.  His grandfather is Alasdair MacRae’s Imp. Nap.  Jack looks quite like Nap and from my memory of watching Nap work (Alasdair was trialing him back when I was trialing Gel) works like him too.  Time will tell, but I think we may have finally found a second Border Collie.  Even Gel seems to like him.  Once I get some control of him, he’ll be great to take photographs of.  He’s a very stylish worker.

Math is still demanding much of my time during the day.  I got the rabbits fed and cows milked early this morning while it was still cool and came in and started right away working on math.  I’m still working on it.  At least it is not driving me mad like the past few sections did.  In fact, I sort of like this chapter.

Until later …