Missed a day!

So sorry for anyone who has been reading my journal on a regular basis.  Is anyone out there?

Yesterday was busy.  I set a few goals for myself and am proud to say I accomplished them.  Not very lofty goals: (1) finding the kitchen (this needs to be done on a daily basis, you can tell I use my kitchen); and (2) put away several baskets of clean clothes. In addition to the goals, I made six pints of Spellcast Farm Mediterranean Cheese Spread: my own Fromage Blanc, marinated in olive oil, olives, fresh herbs, garlic and lemon zest.  Very yummy!  I also washed and packed up some 12 or so dozen duck eggs (duck eggs are very labor intensive), got through a section of math, did my chores, did a little bit of weed whacking in the garden (which is a mess, working on that!), etc., etc.

Need to go and get packed up for the Farmers’ Market, do the chores and head out.

Until later …

5 Replies to “Missed a day!”

  1. I’ve been reading for years and years (You were agility training with Gel when I first started reading), and though things have been crazy for me with last year’s move from Alaska to New Zealand, I always check back to see how things are going for you. Your commitment to your lifestyle is always inspiring, and looking at the positive changes over the last few years has made me so happy for you.

    1. Hi Stacey, I saw you liked our Facebook page and I thought I recognized your name. Hope NZ is agreeing with you! All the best!

  2. I too, have been reading your blog for years and years – back when you had the Black Katz blog (raising cats naturally). I really love your writing and honesty, and I admire you. You are an inspiration to us all! Keep up the good work, and all the best in your studies!

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