Still Having Bull Issues

While I was milking last night, Wally was watering the raised beds. ***PLEASE rain today!!!***  I looked up and saw our bull, Tanner, in the milk cow pasture eating their grain.  Shoot!!!!  Now he’s jumping the fence to come in for feed.  That’s it.  Once we know Penny is bred, he’s going in the freezer.

Meanwhile, he’ll be put up in the paddock with some alfalfa pellets until I’m through milking.  If Penny does not come back in heat around June 20, she should be bred and I’ll make an appointment to have him processed.  Our new bull, Dutch, will have to take care of Moonie when she comes back in heat.

Yesterday at the Farmers’ Market I told a customer that we had to raise our milk prices because feed prices had continued to rise while our prices had not for years.  She looked at me and said, “I did not think you fed our cows any grain.”  I told her that if our milk cows were 100 percent grass fed, we would only get a gallon or two of milk out of them per day and then she would not get any milk to feed her precious dogs.  I told her that our cows were not fed any corn, soy or to our knowledge, genetically modified grain.  That they did receive some “grain” (oats, barley, millet, etc.) while they were being milked and that was it.

I wonder if she complains to management when Walmart raises their prices.  Probably not.

Off to milk the cows, then take Jack for a run.  He had to stay in an outside kennel while we were at the Farmers’ Market yesterday.  That did not go over well.  He’ll be okay.  As I write this, he’s on a long line tied to the back of Wally’s truck.  I slept in a little bit today.

Until later …