A wonderful dinner times two or three or four

Last week I cooked a butt from one of the pigs that we raised over the winter in the crockpot with a little bit of barbecue sauce.  It was nothing short of extraordinary.  We had several meals from it with my homemade potato salad and a green salad (local lettuce!).  The potato salad ran out over the weekend so on Sunday I made some homemade macaroni and cheese and served more pork butt with the mac and cheese and some lightly steamed asparagus (local!).  Last night we had the same meal, but instead of olive oil, I tossed the asparagus with some of my homemade butter and lemon juice.  Amazing!  The asparagus is now gone, but we still have at least one more meal of butt and mac and cheese.  Not sure what I’ll add to it, maybe some of the frozen cowpeas or beans I have in the freezer.  It’s nice having easy meals ready to eat in the refrigerator.

Math is killing me, literally killing me!  I took another test yesterday and got a 70.  Yes, I could have taken it again, but I’m to the point that as long as it is a passing grade, I’m good with it.  Hopefully the coming chapter which is entitled, Systems of Numeration, will be a bit easier.  I have no idea how I’ll pass the Midterm or Final.  We are given no time to study for it, we go from chapter to chapter each week and the week of the Midterm, there’s a chapter due.  It sucks.  Plain and simple.  I did not want to take math over the summer for this very reason.  They cram 16 weeks of class into eight.  I’ll get through it, somehow.

Off to milk, I’m late.

Until later …