Now, some real R&R

Well, sort of!  Yesterday afternoon, the agency that is sending me to school called to let me know that they were going to let me drop the math class, because I was so sensitive about my GPA dropping.  She said that she wanted to be sure that I knew that they took care of their students.  Thank goodness!  I was about to have a nervous breakdown trying to get the work done for that class.  It was close to driving me mad.  Yesterday was particularly difficult because the cows got out (which normally would not have been a bad thing), but they got up along the fence near the neighbor’s cow, and Tanner, our bull, was in rip-roaring raging bull heat.  He was rolling his head in the ground, pawing and bellowing like a T-Rex.  A bit scary!

I about killed both Gel and me getting them back in this heat.  We are in a heat wave and it is not even summer yet.  Lovely.  When I finally got everyone back, Tanner jumped the fence again.  He doesn’t really jump the fence, he climbs over it and this one was a well-secured cattle panel in a new location.  I called the processor that he was slated to go to visit on July 14 and begged them to move the date up.  They did to this Monday.  Good!  There’s been no signs of Penny coming back in heat and if she does, she’ll need to wait for the young bull, Dutch to get big enough to breed her.  He won’t stay long either.  He has not manners or respect for Gel.  He was the one that was the hardest to get back up.

When it came time to milk last night, I sent both Gel and Jack to bring up the cows.  Jack came in behind two of the cows, actually driving them up.  Good boy!  He still is not so sure cows are to be worked, but once he figures it out, there will be no stopping him.  He is hell-bent on working ducks, but he is not so good at it because he’s so pushy.

So on the agenda today is cutting up rabbits and packaging them up for freezing (I did nine of them Monday, intended to do nine more yesterday, but the cows screwed up those plans), find the kitchen (really this needs to be done first) (I’m always loosing the kitchen, you can tell I use it) and maybe do a bit of housecleaning.  I’m a bit late getting out to do chores this morning, but I have been doing them as early as possible in this heat.  At least I have 26 fewer rabbits to take care of and in the next few days, I’ve got two more pens to get processed.  Twenty-six rabbits was a bit more than I needed to process in one day, but I did it on Sunday.  Most of these were pre-ordered as pet food.

Maybe I’ll even take out my cameras today and photograph the garden.  It’s looking marvelous.  I think 2014 is going to be the year of the squash.  The squash plants look amazing and are producing well.

Until later …