Finishing up my ICED TEA

It’s been disgustingly hot lately.  We had at least five days of 90 degree weather in a row, have a little bit of a break now, but it is going back into the 90’s in a few days.  I feel bad for the animals when it’s this hot, especially the rabbits.  At least I can get some relief in the A/C.  I hate to think of what our electricity bill is going to look like.  We only had, I believe, four 90 degree days last year so we got spoiled.

I had some brilliant things to write here that I thought of last night, but I did not write it down so I forgot.  Must not have been that brilliant.

Wally and I have been talking a lot about the future of the farm.  We know we need to keep going with the farming if only to make sure our future is secure, or as secure as it can be.  Both Wally and I believe that sometime in the future, hopefully not in our lifetimes, but it may very well be, something terrible is going to happen.  All that goes on in the Middle East, etc. is scary.  9/11 was bad enough, but if terrorists really wanted to get to Americans, it would be to hit our food supply.  Given how broken our food system is, that would be easy to do.  While it may be silly to think of something like this happening, I want to be prepared.

We had a fire sale on our rabbit this weekend at the Farmers’ Market.  I sold them for $5 and $5.50/lb. which is ridiculously low.  I will not do that again.  There is too much involved in raising those rabbits, they are heritage breeds, they are feed very high quality, corn, soy and GM-free food.  People would be hard pressed to find better meat.

Today we take our Jersey bull, Tanner, to the meat processor.  Instead of taking him to a processor that packages meat for resale, we have elected to take him to the local processor that does our pork.  We cannot resell the meat, but I feel much better taking him there than to the other processor (who will remain nameless).  I always hated going to the other processor because I did not feel comfortable with how they handled the animals plus they were crappy to deal with plus there is a three month wait to get an animal in to be processed.  Sure, we can deal with Tanner for three more months … not!  Wally gets off work at 10:30, then drives to the feed mill where we get most of our feed to pick up our rabbit grain mixture, we eat lunch, then we prepare to get Tanner corralled and then loaded.  We are always nervous loading animals because we do not have very good handling equipment.  We’ve gotten pretty good at it though.  We learn more each time we do it.

As it stands now, we are going to drive three hours one way on Friday to pick up a new milk cow.  I’ve been going back and forth and back and forth on that decision.  We do so much with the milk here and two milk cows does not quite fill the bill.  We lost our third milk cow, Cocoa, last year and have been looking for a replacement, but have not been successful.  I feel good about the place where we are getting this milk cow.  We’ll see …

The garden is doing well.  We could use a bit more rain, but given how it is planted via the square footage method, it holds moisture quite well.  Yesterday, Wally cleaned out three rabbit tractors while I did some weeding.  I took out two large tubs of weeds for the pigs.  They were pretty happy with that.  I need to get more out today (if possible) or during the week for the rabbits.  I plan to get my chores done early and then drive to pick up a load of Chaffhaye while it is still cool.

I best get my butt in gear and get it done.

Until later …