The price of convenience

I was reading a stock dog forum today where they were discussing what they fed their dogs.  One individual posted that she feeds “Before Grain” kibble.  I am amazed at the number of new pet foods that are hitting the market.  Earlier this week I was reading Animal Wellness and just about every other page in the magazine had an advertisement for a brand of “natural” pet food: mostly all kibble.

There is nothing “natural” or good about kibble.

What a disgusting slick web site they’ve got going on there, don’t get dizzy looking at it.  For kicks I checked the price of a 25.3 (why 25.3 pounds, why not 25 pounds?) bag of kibble.  For the chicken flavor, it’s $58.93, Buffalo is $60.25.  That’s over $2.00 a pound!  You can easily feed raw for that.

It’s all about convenience I guess.

Me, I’d be afraid to rely on food in a bag to provide a healthy diet for my dogs and cats.

Interestingly, this “Before Grain” food is manufactured by Merrick.  They also have another line of kibble which has grain ingredients which they sell in 30 pound bags.  So if grain is so bad (which it is according to their Before Grain web site) then why are they still manufacturing kibble with grain?  Interestingly, a 30 pound bag of “Cowboy Cookout” costs $61.04, again, over $2.00 a pound.

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  1. “…Epicureans supposed that animals and plants could not have been created for human use, because so many people are fools…” — Pan’s Travail

    Lee C

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