A Little R&R

Wally and I have been taking it easy the past few days.  While we never really get true time off because no matter what, the animals have to be taken care of every day, several times a day; we’ve spent a good bit of the past few days being lazy.  It feels good to have my batteries recharged, at least a little.

That math class and stress about school in general took more out of me than I realized.  I am seriously contemplating changes in my future as it pertains to school.  I am not sure which way I will turn.  It will not be too long before school is back in session again.

Last night, I looked out into the garden and saw Miss Penny chowing down on our corn! Rotten creature!  Quickly went out with the dogs and put her back where she belonged with the electric fence on.  I had been letting them roam a bit to eat some of the new grass, but forgot that I had taken the garden fence down for mowing.  Hopefully she did not do too much damage.

Last night, we ate another meal of rabbit sausage, white beans and Romano beans stewed in Cherokee Purple tomatoes.  It was perhaps even better than the night before. We have a few New York strip steaks left from the last cow that we had processed and at least another meal of white beans left so that will be what’s on the menu this evening.  We eat darned good!

Since I did not get to processing rabbits yesterday, I have two pens to get done today.  At least it is still very cool.  As I write this, it is 57 degrees out! That is a huge difference from what it was just a few days ago.  I have a short sleeved shirt on, when a few days ago, I was wearing sleeveless shirts out in the morning.

Jack (our new Border Collie) is doing great.  He’s got all sorts of nicknames from Jack-in-the-box to Jack-Splat to Jack-Leg to Jack-Ass to Jack-Jaws.  Yep, he’s got the grit to him.  He’s been charged several times by the milk cows and look out girls, this boy’s got teeth and he’s not afraid to use them.  I am confident, in time, he will settle down and become a very useful dog.  Meanwhile, he’s a source of entertainment (usually) and aggravation (sometimes!).  We were very lucky to get him and I think finally we have a dog that can do at least some of the work we need done around here. There will never be a replacement for Gel.

Wally and I both missed going to the Farmers’ Market yesterday.  I wish we could continue to go, but without a lot of available product, it is silly for us to spend three-quarters of a day and almost $20 to sit there.  As I’ve mentioned numerous times over the past week or so, the Farm is going to go through some major changes, for the better, of course!

Until later …