Lots going on!

Our fabulous plan is now back on track — thank goodness!  Wally and I were about ready to crawl under the bed to lick our wounds we were so disappointed earlier this week.  Where there is a will, there is a way and we fixed the problem and we are now going full steam head.

Be patient!  I’ll be able to make the announcement in the next few weeks.  Know that this is an amazing opportunity for us.

One important thing that I am doing is resuming a Permaculture Certification program that I started well over a year ago.  I have very much enjoyed working on the integrated farming model utilizing pasture-fed meat rabbits and growing market vegetables.  I want to work further on that and pursue other integrated farming practices.  The vegetables still have not done as well as they should, but that is partially due to the distraction of college.

Last semester was very stressful and quite frankly, very disappointing.   A lot went on that was quite disturbing.  These things are still going on and they’ve escalated.  I made the decision a few weeks ago to not return to CVCC’s Photographic Technology program.  I still have not decided whether I will continue studies via the business department or not.  A lot of that depends on the timing of our fabulous plan.

I will continue with my farm to fork food photography and of course pictures of our farm.  Another factor in my decision was the agency that was funding my studies.  They became impossible to deal with.

Life is too damned short to be involved with people and things that cause stress.  It really is!  I know the direction I want to go with my life, the farm and of course Wally and this fabulous plan that I’ve been mentioning will solidify that direction and goals.

We brought two pigs to the processor last night.  We will be picking up the beef from our Jersey bull, Tanner, on Wednesday.  We will have some very full freezers!  That is a good thing.  Today, I have errands to run in Lincolnton including picking up some cases of pickling cucumbers and heirloom sauce tomatoes so I can start canning.  A good friend of mine is going to come over one day next week to show me how to pressure can.  I want to start canning rabbit and rabbit stock.

Until later …