The $10 Challenge

This is sort of an extension on my Price of Convenience post from yesterday.  I was watching television last night and a commercial came on wherein a mother and (I think) two children were shopping in a grocery store with the intent of making a meal similar to what you could buy at Kentucky Fried Chicken.  In the commercial, they were running around looking for the ingredients, including the “special” seasoning.  The rule was, they needed to keep it under $10.

When the mother declared they had ingredients in their basket in excess of $10 she said, that’s it, let’s go to Kentucky Fried Chicken where you could get a “meal” for four (I think) for under $10. I believe that included chicken, bread and two sides, but I could be wrong.

Using the KFC web site I put on my plate (not that I’d ever eat at KFC), chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, cole slaw and a biscuit and came up with the following: calories: 900; fat: 47g; saturated fat: 10g; cholesterol 120mg; sodium; 2490mg; total carbohydrates: 74g; dietary fiber: 5g; sugars:  21g. Lovely, huh?

Why is it do you think that KFC can offer a meal for four for under $10?  Maybe it’s because the cost of their ingredients, because they buy so much, is cheaper.  Of course, I wouldn’t consider a meal at KFC to be a healthy alternative to something you’d make yourself; at least not something I’d make for myself.

I suppose if people believe eating at KFC is a good thing, then there’s no surprise they consider food-in-a-bag to be good food for their pets.

Cian’s foot is completely recovered.  Even though it was raining when I got home last night, I took them for a quick run on the ATV.  We scared up a herd of deer.  How nice that none of the three ran blindly after them like Midge used to.  I’m glad Fern didn’t inherit that.

I compromised on the eating in the crate rule.  Neither Fern nor Gel would eat in their crate and I thought about it.  Eating in a crate is really not a natural thing for a dog, I think they’d be happier with more room.  Gel threw up some bile early this morning so I know he was getting a little bit too depleted.  This morning, I fed the three of them outside.  They all ate.  Whatever is left over, I’ll give to Kitty and Rose.  Starting today (he’ll be dropped off later this morning) I’ll have Fern’s brother, Monty, so that will add to the “pack” mentality: eat what’s in front of you or someone else will eat it for you.  No more eating in the house outside of their crates though.  That I’m sticking to.

I’m working at a law firm in Hickory today which will be a nice change from my usual drive to Charlotte.  Tomorrow I’m going to be at a paralegal seminar in Charlotte.  Again, a nice change.  Two days of very casual attire, yea!