Changing Directions …

I wrote a while back that I had decided I was not going to go back to school, but I’m a woman and entitled to change my mind, right?

I did …

I wrote to WIA on Monday and apologized for my behavior, explaining to them that there were a lot of stresses in my life and I acted out.

So, as long as they do not throw a wrench in the works, I will be returning to CVCC in the fall.  I am hoping that things will be different in the program, that there will be more expected of the students.  We will see.

I was going to try to get a part-time job, but those prospects did not look good so I decided going back to school would be the lesser of two evils. Plus, I’ve got so much invested in school already.  It would have been silly to give it up.

With all that is going on now, all that will be going on in a few weeks and school starting August 18, I am going to be crazy busy!  Stupid busy!

Soon I’ll release details on the Fabulous Plan … soon!

Until later …

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  1. Fabulous news about going back to school. It’s always uplifting to learn something new. Hope things work out for you.

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