Anxiety Attacks

I am having horrible anxiety attacks; such that they are exhausting me.  I am sleeping horribly.  The start of school and the Fabulous Plan are all going to happen at the same time and I am not sure how I am going to juggle it all.  I may just have a nervous breakdown.  This semester is likely to be the most challenging one yet.

Breath deeply!  It will all be okay!

I’ve got a small group of rabbits to process this morning, but waiting on customers to pick up their weekly orders before I start.  I still hate killing my rabbits.  I do not want to put that task in the hands of anyone else.  I feel it is my duty to kill them: I was instrumental in bringing them into the world; it is up to me to end their lives.  It is all a part of farming.

I purchased The Third Plate: Field Notes on the Future of Food yesterday and I am having a hard time putting it down. It is a very, very good book and addresses many of my concerns about the Farm to Table and Local movement what I consider, to some extent, to be a fallacy.  In addition, the general public’s desire for items that take a lot of energy to produce, the “cherry picking” that goes on.  For example, people want chicken breasts, preferably boneless.  What happens to the rest of the chicken?  In many instances, it is essentially disposed of, either shipped overseas to countries that want to eat the other parts, made into pet food, chicken nuggets or something else.  If scientists could genetically engineer chickens that just had breasts, they’d be in good shape, at least as far as pleasing the general public is concerned.

The book also makes many references to working with nature (instead of against it) which is something I’ve been studying quite a bit lately via permaculture.  Once the Fabulous Plan kicks in, a lot of changes are going to be made at Spellcast Farm.  They are already in the works.

The recent episode with Toledo’s water crisis shows just how dependent we are about Mother Nature and how easily human beings can be turned into water hoarding monsters.  If terrorists wanted to hit us hard, it would be to attack either our water supplies or our food.  That would likely cause more damage that the Twin Tower incident.

Just my thoughts.

The camera came out for a little while this weekend.


Until later …

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  1. I got this in my mail box today, so I thought I would share….

    If you connect with your spiritual center in meditation today, you may find a new source of stability and peace that can carry you through any difficulties. One good way to do this is by simply closing your eyes and turning your attention to the silence within you. As you connect with this silence, bring your awareness deeper and deeper to the center of yourself. Allow yourself to rest in this soothing silence and know that you can return here at any time you begin to feel frightened or anxious.

    Connecting to the silence within us encourages feelings of peace and well-being, giving us the strength to work through difficulties. Though our challenges can seem overwhelming, we have the ability to handle them more easily if we rely on the constant source of strength and peacefulness that lies within us. As we turn our attention away from problems and focus on the silence within us, we forge a deeper connection with our higher selves. This strong, wise, comforting facet of ourselves is able to infuse us with feelings of calm and well-being, which fosters the belief that we can handle any challenge. Your uneasiness will be soothed as you turn within to connect more deeply with your higher self today.

    Have faith, it will all work out as it should.


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