The Fabulous Plan

Finally! I can reveal¬†Well, the Fabulous Plan! We’ve bought our own property! This has been a long, long, long time coming, but it’s finally here. We could not be more happy! Now that we own the property, we can put in permanent infrastructure and stop running the farm in such a primitive manner. It’s going to take time to get set up, but it will be done and Spellcast Farm will be even more of a magical place. In addition to buildings, GOOD fence, etc., we will be utilizing permaculture principles. There are already numerous mature fruit and nut trees planted, but we will be adding more. I did a video with some images of the property well over a month ago. Please ignore the not-so-good images and Gel marking the bushes. The next few months are going to be crazy! We will not turn away offers to help. Moving 200+/- rabbits, 100+/- ducks, five cows, all of our equipment, etc. all the while working full-time (Wally) and school full-time (me) it’s going to be difficult, but we will get it done! We will continue to offer our high quality products, but on a much more limited scale.¬†

Let the fun begin!

Until later …

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