Just a few more days …

And I’ll be hitting the ground running in order to get all of my chores done before heading to school.  I am getting into practice starting today and got just about everything done by 7 AM.  I still need to go out and let the ducks out and fill their water tubs.  When we move, the ducks will be residing in an electric netting-enclosed pasture that we will be rotating.  I am going to experiment with that area that they will be in: once they move, I am going to sow cover crop in the area after I move the ducks and then cover it with rabbit manure mulch, running a line of electric fence in the same area to keep the cows out until it is well established.  The line of electric fence will maintain the boundaries of the electric netting so that when we return the ducks to the same area, it will already be marked.  That’s the difficulty of setting electric netting: you need to know exactly where it is going to go in order to mow a path to place the fence to prevent grass from interfering with the electric current. I imagine the ducks will not be too happy being confined, but it’s time Wally and I take a little bit more control of our space.  Where we are now, everything encroaches in our space.  It is impossible to keep the house clean because of the dogs and cats plus everything that we currently have to bring into the house because we do not have a place for it outside.  We need to be able to separate us from the farm at least for a little while. This means Rose is going to have to stay behind fence so that she cannot dig holes beside the house; Gel and Jack are going to have to stay a bit more confined for the same reason.  Of course they will still be allowed in the house, but only after they’ve stayed on the back deck for a period of time to dry/clean off. We are going to fence in an alleyway so that Rose can go between the cow/duck pasture to where we will have the rabbits.  Then she can do her job in both places.  I expect she’ll still dig holes in those areas, but we will need to deal with that. Our current house does not have gutters so the rain runs off the house and puddles along side the foundation.  This is prime duck-wallowing territory, which of course makes a mess and eventually starts to smell.  The ground is soft making for easy digging for the dogs. Our current house does not have flooring.  Yep, it hasn’t for as long as I’ve been here.  Instead there are sheets of linoleum laid down.  Lovely, huh? We’ve been living a very primitive existence for a long time now.  I give Wally a lot of credit for putting up with it this long.  It’s a good thing I’m such a good cook otherwise he’d probably be somewhere else by now.  Not really, but you get the picture. Speaking of a good cook.  I made rabbit chili on Sunday.  Yep, chili in August.  Hard to believe.  It was damned good.  I cooked two rabbits in the crockpot with beer and onions, then removed the meat from the bones and used that for the chili.  The bones will go back in the crockpot today to make stock. Before I go back to school, I have two more pens of rabbits to get processed.  That’s about 20 rabbits.  It is unfortunate that we cannot sell them, but our gain because there are worst things than having a freezer full of rabbit.  I highly doubt we will be returning to any farmers’ market in the future.  As I’ve mentioned before, we are revamping the farm (a/k/a cutting way down) so that we feed ourselves and a few loyal customers and that’s it.  The small farm thing has burned both of us out.  In general, people are simply too fickle and difficult to please on an on-going basis.  I know for a fact that many farms have gone the same route.  It just is not worth it any more. Until later …

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  1. So much to do! I love moving because it is really exciting to be able to start from scratch and say THIS will go HERE and THAT will go THERE instead of the messily organic way that things tend to evolve when you’re bringing new endeavors into old spaces.

    What’s the acreage of the new place like in comparison to the old? Will you be having to squeeze things in, or is there room for expansion and experimentation? The pictures are lovely!

    1. You are right Stacey, it will be nice to be able to do what we want to do with the property. As Wally said last night, we are wide open to possibilities. It is a lot less acreage, but a lot of what we have here is not useable. We have been unwilling to put any permanent improvements into the property, nor have we spent too much time improving the pastures. There’s plenty of room for experimentation and stacking functions. It is a perfect size for Wally and I to take care of US. That’s our goal these days.

      1. That is great news. I always seemed like you were having to struggle with your current property quite a bit. I can’t wait to see how things shape up, especially now that you can settle in and make emotional and physical investments in and on your land.

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