Lazy …

I should be practicing my “hit the ground running” routine in preparation for next week, but I’m being lazy!  I should just take it easy the next couple of days because come August 18 I am going to be hitting my head up against the wall wondering what sort of craziness it is that I’m trying to juggle 16 credits, farming and moving the farm. I went in to talk to the head of the department yesterday and he continually told me I’ll be fine, I have a good work ethic and to not stress myself.  Yea, right!

Today is going to be relatively busy because I have two customers coming to pick up their weekly orders and will be delivering two more. Tomorrow will be a bit quieter with one customer coming and one delivery (and lunch with a friend).  I have several pens of rabbits to get done (I think!), definitely one pen, but the others are still a bit small. The one pen that needs to be done are on the ground and as long as they do not start digging, they’ll be fine where they are for now.  I’ll probably put the next pen on the ground today so that we can get the pens cleaned out and limed in preparation for the next grow-out group.  Moving the pens of rabbits is going to be quite the circus.  We will need to catch them and put them in a dog crate, then load the bottom of the pen on to a flat trailer and then the top.  We can only carry four at a time (I think) and that’s how they’ll be set up in the new place: in “pods” of four.  They’ll be a lot easier to take care of that way.  We’ve learned so much on this “experimental” property; now on to the real deal!

It’s finally peanut vine season and I brought home the first truckload of them for the rabbits and cows.  Not sure who was happier to get them, probably the cows because most of the rabbits acted like I was putting a rattle snake into their pens until they figured out it was food.


I have a another load to feed out this morning (then need to hose out the back of my truck) and there will be another load for me to pick up on Friday.

Genetically, these spotted rabbits are 7/8ths Silver Fox, if I were to keep any of them as breeding stock and bred them back to a pure Silver Fox buck, they’d be genetically Silver Fox.  We like the colorful rabbits (and ducks).  Maybe we should rename the farm to Spot Farm vs. Spellcast Farm.  Na!

Need to get some seeds started on the back porch so I’ll have seedlings to plant in our beds once they are installed.  First priority though is getting the fence up at our new place.  The first cow pasture is almost done, Wally and his two amazing helpers, Joseph and Guy, should have that done on Friday at which point they start on Rose’s alleyway and then the rabbit area.  They may be able to get that all done on Saturday.  Wally ordered the building that the rabbit cages will go in yesterday (it will be 18 feet wide, 26 feet long which means all 24 wire cages can go in it — WAIT! I’m supposed to be cutting back on rabbits!) and the building for the freezers, milk room, etc., but that can’t go in until we get a concrete pad poured.  We are at the mercy of these people and we (I) need to be patient.  Until then, the freezers and milk refrigerator will go on either the front porch, dining area or back deck.  It’s starting to cool off so they’ll be fine there until everything gets done.  The rabbit building will be delivered in a few weeks and at that time, we will start moving the rabbits and it may end up that Wally sleeps at the new place and I stay here until we get the cows moved.  I need to stay where the cows are.  I hope that does not happen, at least not for any length of time.

Guess I had better go and milk.  Penny has been pouring the milk lately and I’m sure her udder is FULL by now.

Until later …