Movin’ movin’ movin’ whoa ho!

I’ve been meaning to update this poor neglected journal, but time is at a premium these days.  We are closing in on the official move date: this Saturday!  Yep, most the animals get moved Saturday.  That ought to be very, very interesting!  The plan is tonight to get the electric netting set for the ducks this evening (fun! fun! fun!). This brings back memories of all the times Wally and I set the electric netting for the sheep — both in freezing rain and during horrid hot summers when we had to drill holes for the fence posts with a drill.

Tomorrow night, we move the office in preparation for installation of cable and internet service on Saturday.  We will put the stock trailer in place to load the ducks early in the morning Saturday.  We anticipate it will be easier to move the ducks when it’s barely light.  Hopefully we will get them loaded without issue.

Then the rabbits!  We’ve still got upwards of 200 rabbits of all ages, from mature does and bucks to six week old babies.  We will move the caged rabbits first, then the rabbits in the tractor-pens.  We can only move four tractor pens at a time.  Once we get the rabbits moved, on to the milk cows.

The young bull and two calves will likely have to wait until Sunday morning to be moved as by the time we get all of the above moved and settled, we will be exhausted.  We are hoping to be able to get the mattress and box spring on the truck the end of the day on Saturday; otherwise we will be sleeping on the floor, couch or whatever Saturday night.

I am so excited about the move.  This location is going to be so much easier to manage.  We will have a 26 x 21 foot fully enclosed building with a concrete pad wired for electricity and water to put our freezers, milk refrigerator, coolers, etc., etc. in.  I’ll still milk the cows in a ShelterLogic building (a steel building is not in the budget right now), but I’ll be able to leave the ShelterLogic building with my milk tote and supplies and walk approximately ten feet on flat land into the steel building to pour off the milk, put it right into the refrigerator, wash my equipment, put it on steel racks to dry and have it ready to use again.  Compared to what I have to do now, this will be a snap!

The caged rabbits will be in a partially-closed-in steel building IN THE SHADE as will the tractor-pen rabbits. They will do so much better in the shade.

The ducks will not be happy being confined to electric netting, but they will have a half acre to roam in which will be rotated on a regular basis. I am sure they will adjust.  They pretty much have to.

Both Wally and I are looking forward to more separation between the farm and our living arrangements.  No more will we have to say we farm in a primitive manner.  We are moving up in the farming world! With this move however, comes a conscious reduction in production.  Our attempts to sell to the general public have not gone so well and it’s been a constant source of frustration.  We will continue to sell our products, but not to the extent that we once were.  I am doing well with my photography and feel quite confident that I will be able to find some gainful employment in that (or other related) field to supplement our farming income.

Until later …