Spooky Walk

Monday morning I was out walking the dogs in the dark. I have a head lamp that I use to see enough to be able to walk in the dark. I keep track of the dogs by turning my head, shining the light until I see the reflection of their eyes. If I don’t see them, I call them back to me. They tend to stick pretty close to me when it’s dark.

We were almost home when Gel started alarm barking. Gel rarely alarm barks. I called him back to me and he came immediately. I shined my light out to where he came from and saw something large and light colored about 30 feet away. Midge came back with Gel and both dogs were growling. I cannot remember the last time I heard Gel growl. I slowly approached the “thing,” ready to run if I had to. I thought to myself, could it be a sheep, a dog, a person? It wasn’t moving and I couldn’t see eye reflection from my light. I considered going back home and driving my car out there so I could use the headlamps from the car and be safe in the car, but it would have been hard to get my car out there.

When I got close enough to see what it was, I laughed out loud. It was a large bunch of partially deflated balloons! Gel and Midge were both still growling at it, but when I told them it was okay, Gel gradually approached and touched it with his nose. Then Fern touched it. After a couple of seconds, Midge did too. Then Gel grabbed hold of the balloon strings and started running across the field dragging the balloons. I hoped that he wouldn’t pop them because that would probably get them all going again.

Never a dull moment.

Here’s another video of one of Gel’s agility runs. This is the Jumpers with Weaves class where he knocked the bar (which was my fault) and we didn’t qualify:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbNJO32VKcI]