A sense of well-being

I love it when I feel a strong sense of well-being.  It’s such a warm, cushy feeling.  There are many times when driving to work or at other times where my mind can wander that I feel anxious: a feeling of impending doom.

I spoke to my homeopath on Sunday.  I hadn’t talked to her in some time and wanted to bring her up to date on my progress.  She suggested that I go back to Lyssin and that I’d probably have to alternate back and forth between Hyoscyamus and Lyssin.  I took it last night before going to bed.  Remember that Lyssin is made from the saliva of a rabid dog and hydrophobia (fear of water) is a strong key note in the remedy.  I rarely remember my dreams, but last night I dreamt I was by a body of water.  I looked down into the water and saw the bodies of my cats floating under water.  As they saw me, they swam to the surface.  Very odd, huh?  When I was writing my homeopath telling her of the dream, at first I forgot I took the Lyssin last night; then when I remembered, I realized, no wonder why I dreamt this dream.

I’m getting very excited about milking, making cheese and eventually soap.  I’m sure the dogs will enjoy eating my failed cheese attempts.  There is a cheese making class being held in Bakersville (where I got KItty and Rose) in November that I hope to be able to attend.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about all the marketing I did with Midge’s puppies: the early neurological stimulation, the surface work, socialization, etc.  While I would do it again with another litter, I did all of this because I was hoping to sell those puppies into sport homes.  The puppies went into good homes: at least one is doing agility (Scorch), one is doing fly ball (Pyro), one is in a pet home (Heat Wave) and of course Fern is doing stock work.  I did a good job of bringing up those puppies, but I only sold one of them (the pet puppy).  The rest were essentially given away.  That isn’t a problem, but I started this journal in an effort to find good sports homes for the puppies and not one was sold because of it.  Now this journal has evolved into more of a homesteading, training log, information on natural rearing and the like.  It’s a better use of my time.  Funny how things evolve.