First Full Day Off

I’m sitting here writing this on my first full day off from what was the most challenging semester of my four semesters attending CVCC.  I honestly did not think that I would be able to get all A’s this semester given the courses I was taking (Portraiture being the key course), the course load (16 credits) and that we moved the farm during the semester.

I buckled down and applied myself and ended up with high A’s for all four courses.  I am exhausted, but excited about the three weeks off and next semester.  I did well on my portfolio of images of seasonal vegetables and got some very good feedback on my images.  I learned a tremendous amount in Portraiture and discovered that I can take images of people!  In fact, I have a booking on Sunday for Christmas pictures.

The farm: it needs a kick in the butt, especially when it comes to seasonal vegetables.  One of the things I plan to work on during these three weeks off is the garden beds.  They need to be prepped and I plan to plant some lettuce mixes and arugula under row cover.  I now have a greenhouse, but it is currently full of hay.  Hopefully that will be rectified next week while Wally is off.

In addition to moving, Wally and I had a roommate who moved in right after we moved and has been here since, but she’s leaving the first of the year so it will just be Wally and me.  It is so gratifying to have such a strong relationship with another human being.  I look forward to the next couple of weeks to have full days to spend with him.

Already this morning, I’ve made two loaves of sourdough bread (they are currently rising) and have jars boiling to make yogurt.  I got the bread done earlier than normal so that I can hopefully have it coming out of the oven about when Wally gets home so we can enjoy fresh bread spread with some of the soft cow milk cheese I made earlier this week.  I took a container of what I think is sausage soup out of the freezer and we will have that tonight with warm bread.

I hope during next semester’s portfolio project to do images of farmers and their crops or livestock, but so far, have not been successful in lining up any farmer willing to do this.  Hopefully I will be more successful after the holidays.

So my jars have been boiled and it’s time to get the quarts of yogurt-to-be into the cooler and head out to take care of the rabbits.  Then I have several deliveries to make in Lincolnton and then 21 rabbits to cut up and package. No rest for this farmer.

Until later …

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  1. Fabulous news! Congrats! Well done! I knew you could do it! Wishing you and Wally all the best during the holiday season and In the coming New Year!

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