Got A LOT done yesterday

After spending MANY days in slugdom, Wally and I got a lot done yesterday.  We got the boys, Guy and Joseph, over and while I was at the doctor for my year check-up (yes, I go to the doctor once a year, but I have an AMAZING doctor that does not push tests and drugs at me), they cleaned out the rabbit barn, filling the beds chock full with lots of rich compost, and moved the last row of six cages into the barn.  During our move, we miscalculated and only put 18 cages in the barn, when 24 should have gone in.  Now all the caged rabbits (now those with babies) are in the barn.

Then they installed another ShelterLogic building and moved all of the hay out of the greenhouse into the “hay house” and brought our last big roll of hay down to the cows and while they were doing that, I processed nine rabbits.  Since I was able to process nine rabbits without cutting my hands or fingers, I stopped processing at nine.  I’ve been cutting my hands and fingers bad lately!  I’ll do another pen or two today and then it starts raining, again!

Our “roommate” moves out today.  She found an opportunity that she could not refuse and we wish her the best with that.  It will be good to have the house to ourselves again.  Wally and I are so comfortable together, we finish each others’ sentences and frequently think the same thoughts.  I guess we are soulmates.

Until later …

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  1. Just have to say – YOU LOOK FANTASTIC! I love the photo of you – your life clearly agrees with you. Oh, and congrats on getting so much done 🙂

    1. Thank you Anne. It was taken by a good friend of mine. She did some editing to it to enhance my looks thought.

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