Spoke to the trial organizer for the Huntersville trial and he discouraged me from pulling Gel so he’s still entered.  He said that I need to enter and compete in as many trials as I could afford and that was the only way I was going to get better.

Agh!  I’d rather just stay home …

The announcement for the trial in SC came out today.  Unfortunately it is Open only.  Hmmmm, do I go ahead and enter?  I might as well.  Gel can run an Open course and he can shed; unfortunately he thinks part of the shedding “game” is either knocking a sheep (or goat) off its feet when he comes in or gripping whatever is in his way, but I can fix that.  This trial is quite close and the trial field is nice.  I’ve been told the sheep they are going to use are nice working sheep.

I expect I’ll enter and then pull him before the closing date if I don’t feel like I want to move up.  Once you’ve moved up to Open, you can’t go back.  Since their runs are limited, I doubt they’ll take non-compete runs.  I filled out the entry form and it’s in my calendar to mail on the opening date.  I’ll see how I feel then.

Open is where I want him to be and I don’t really care if I win or not as long as we don’t make a mess of our runs.  Hopefully they’ll bale the hay off the back field soon so I can set up my pen and practice.  Penning my lambs will be very hard and good practice.