We’ve got belly contact!

I stopped last night and got the oxytetracycline and Wally met me at the house with the milking stand and large dog crate to pick up my goat in tonight.  I used Gel to bring the sheep out of the ElectroNet and brought them up into the fenced-in area.

I had the oxytetracycline in syringes ready to go.  Cian was all but jumping six feet over his running wanting out so I let him out and brought him in the help keep the sheep in the corner.  He handled himself amazingly well.  With the close quarters, a lot of dogs would grip out, but he didn’t.  Good boy.

Administered the oxytetracycline to the two sheep and let them go.  Then Wally and I put the milking stand in the covered dog run where I keep my ATV.  It fits perfectly.  I just need to install some sort of feeding container on the front of it.  I pick up my goat tonight!

I took the dogs for a run on the ATV and when I came back, the sheep were not on my property.  They had gone down back.  Cian and Gel were by the pond so I tried to sneak down there with Fern to pull up the sheep.  I know she’s got a solid lie down on her and I didn’t want her to push the sheep too hard because I was afraid the blind one would get separated.

Never try to outsmart a Border Collie.  Gel and Cian quickly figured out what they were missing.  I had all three dogs bringing the sheep up and sure enough, the blind sheep got separated.  I told the dogs to lie down so we could wait for the sheep to find the group, which he seems to do by scent and sound and possibly he can see some.  Gel and Fern lied down, Cian stopped in a stand.  I got them back up and moved the sheep a little further and then lied them down.  All three lied down!!!!!  Yee Ha!!!

I had to ask for two more lie downs before we got the sheep out of the field and both times Cian lied down and stayed down until I asked him up.  All this dog needed was a little bit of time and attention.  I feel sure he’s going to turn into a very nice stock dog.

I have to administer the oxytetracycline on Thursday and Saturday.  Thursday I’ll have to do it myself.  I hope I can.  I did it pretty much by myself last night and it was hard.  Those are big sheep.  I got nailed in the elbow by the one with horns.  I’ve got a nice bruise there.  Did I tell you I hit my hand with a sledge hammer yesterday?  Yesterday morning just sucked.  So far, this morning is much better.

I did not get the Patent Assistant position.  My good friend Suzette got it.  She got told at 2:00 yesterday and was also told that she had to be up there tomorrow which meant she had to have all her current work buttoned up by the end of the day yesterday.  That wasn’t so kind and I’m sure my group would have had a problem if I had to do that.  Keeping my fingers crossed that things get better on that front.  I want to stay where I am.

Off to move goats and sheep and ducks and feed everyone.