Well, it happened

I was one of 35 people laid off yesterday.  I do not think the firm I worked for ever did that big a cut before.  I’m sure it was hard on everyone involved.

I’m sad and I’m scared, but I’m looking at it as a chance to open a new door in my life.  I have severance pay through the end of November.  I can file for unemployment insurance.  Chances of my getting a like job any time soon are pretty thin.  No one is hiring in Charlotte and given there are 35 new people in the market makes it even harder.

So, even if I have to work two jobs to make ends meet, I’ll do it.  This means I will have virtually no extra money for trials, but I can survive that.  I am kind of excited about figuring out new ways of cutting corners.  There is so much waste in our lives now, it’s time for this person to stop adding to it.  Use and re-use.  That will be my motto.  I’ve got lots of things to catch up on around the house: inside and out.  I’ll have plenty of time to train my dogs.

Unfortunately, I think I’ll have to put Kitty and Rose on an at least partial kibble diet.  A friend of mine gets Fromm dog food at wholesale price and I can get a bag of that from her.  When I have extra meat and bones, they’ll get it.  If I can sell them to a good home, I’ll go ahead and do so.

On my way home yesterday I called my herding instructor and told her that I wouldn’t be able to come out for a lesson on Saturday.  She called me back and told me to go ahead and come out and we can work dogs.  That’s awfully nice of her.  I will pay her some money for her time and plan to take her agility class with Gel afterwards.

I did go and get my dairy goat last night.  I figured she wasn’t going to loose her value and I won’t have to buy milk if I have her.  I’m drinking goat milk in my tea as I write this.

So, we’ll see what comes of this newest adventure in my life.

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