Thoughts on Quitting

When Wally and I were exploring places to purchase and move, we looked for property that would be both affordable and not be so big that we could not take care of it as we aged.  The goal is to look after Wally and Michelle and stop actively selling our products.  We dream of that time when we will be financially secure enough so that we do not have to rely on sales of our products to run the farm.

Will that ever happen?  I do not know.  I kind of think it’s in my blood now and that I can’t stop.  I sure wish what we do was more appreciated. The problem is that so few people really and truly appreciate the work and effort that goes into raising quality food.  If we were still going to the farmers’ markets, we would not have any trouble selling our products, but our vehicles are not in condition to make a 100 mile round trip to Charlotte once a week nor do we want to have to commit to doing that every Saturday.

So, we just sit back and wait to see what happens.  I wrote in my post yesterday that I was worried about finances.  I am worried about being able to make a living once I finish my degree.  Will maintaining a 4.0 GPA throughout the whole time I was in school make a difference?  Probably not so much of the time I wonder if it’s even worth the effort.

I often wonder if a lot of what I do is worth the effort.

Until later …

2 Replies to “Thoughts on Quitting”

  1. I chose to believe attempting to do our best and living with integrity and respect for others and for nature MATTERS MORE than gathering stuff we do not need. I hope you feel more secure eventually and that there are people to care and be productive even when you are in well earned leisure.

  2. What you are doing is respectable work. On the farm and in the classroom. Don’t quit. I know you won’t quit. Michelle is not a quitter.

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