I was thinking about the post that was just published this morning entitled “Thoughts on Quitting.”  I honestly do not think I can quit raising food, in fact I know I cannot because I cannot afford nor do I trust many people to raise food the way I want it to be raised.

I do not know how or when I started caring so much about food.  For as long as I can remember I cared about food.  No one taught me to cook.  My mother was absent a good bit when I was a child.  I do not know where she was, but given I was the oldest of four children, I was the one that did a lot of the cooking.

My mother was an alcoholic while I was growing up.  She did not stop drinking until after I left home. My memories of my childhood are quite vague, but I do remember cooking.  My mother cooked too, but at the time I was growing up, processed food was coming into vogue and my mother jumped on that band wagon.  I remember her bragging during holidays that we were going to have “real” butter vs. margarine.  When she remarried and we moved to a farm, we raised some of our own food, but that was more my stepfather’s doing.  I was horse crazy and while I had horses, that’s all I thought about. My first job was picking cucumbers and strawberries at a local farmer.  I did not like that.  I did some babysitting too, but I did not like that either.

I hope that I can find somewhere, somehow to grow this passion of mine.  I do not know why I picked such obscure items to sell, like rabbits and duck eggs, but to me (and those that know food) rabbit and duck eggs are far superior in taste to chicken and chicken eggs.  Plus, they are much more sustainable to raise.  I can raise rabbits on very little grain and what grain they do eat is locally grown, soy and corn-free.  It’s really hard to raise meat chickens on locally grown, soy and corn-free grain and if you do, it would have to be Cornish X meat chickens who will grown at least reasonably well on just about anything, but they do not taste so good and they are horrific to watch grow.  They are like mutant creatures.

Duck eggs: they are wonderful! Chicken eggs are a pale comparison to them, both nutritionally and in taste.  I ate three for breakfast yesterday.

When I chose a degree to return to school to finish (I am attending via a Federally-funded program), I chose photography because I knew I would enjoy it and that I had some talent for it.  That talent has grown and I do enjoy it, but it’s going to be a difficult field to make any money at.

I don’t know why I chose such obscure things to do.  Even in the garden I choose heirloom varieties over easy-to-grow (often tasteless!) hybrid varieties.

Food: it is of utmost importance to me.  Unfortunately, it is not as important to many people.  It is about as important as filling their vehicles with gas.  They find the cheapest place to get it, pay their money and put it in their cars and go.  Fast food restaurants and packaged processed food are just like gas stations. They fill the tank and that’s it.  It’s quick, in and out service.  No mess, no fuss, little work. How do you compete against that?  I probably cannot.

Until later …