Good Bye 2014

It has been a very good year. Wally and I did not send out our holiday newsletter this year.  I am not entirely sure why.  Partially because neither of us could think of anything momentous that happened except for our move.  Our move consumed our lives from the day we got the loan for the property to around the beginning of October.  We still do not know how we survived it.

I do not know how I juggled the move, the farm and school and still maintained a 4.0 GPA.

The spring semester of 2014 was awful and I almost did not return to school in the fall.  I am glad I did because I made huge progress.  I expect a lot of my fellow students think that I get good grades because I “suck up” to the teachers, but that is not true. I am friendly and courteous to my teachers, but I surely do not suck up.  I work hard at my assignments and only turn in those that I am proud of. I wish I had a dollar for every students’ comment when it came time to critiquing, “can we just skip this one?”

I am looking forward to this coming semester and to graduating.  I am worried about my portfolio for this semester because I want to include farmers in my images, but I am having a horrible time getting  anyone to even answer my e-mails asking if they would be interested.  When Organic Gardening contacted me asking to send a photographer to do pictures for their feature on Silver Fox Rabbits, I jumped at the chance.  Maybe I am an oddity.

I am an oddity …

Resolutions.  I do not make them.  I am hoping this year to start to make some money with my photography and to take the garden off the ground.  I go back to school next Friday and I would very much like to have all of the rabbits that are ready to go into the freezer processed, but that may not happen.  The weather is simply not cooperating.  It has been raining – a lot! The sun will be out today, but it is only going to be 48 degrees which is pretty cold to be working in cold water, but I will do at least one pen of rabbits today.  Then it is going to rain Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Tomorrow Wally and I are going to set up a corner of the greenhouse for me to process rabbits in.  It will be under cover and warmer than out in the open air.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be spent cutting up and packaging what rabbits I did get done.

Once I get this current batch in the freezer, I’ll have a good long break from processing rabbits which will give me time to work on the garden.  Keep in mind, this “batch” is about 50 rabbits.  I ramped my breeding program because people wanted rabbits, but of course, now that we have them, they do not want them.  It’s okay, we’ve cut our breeding program in half and we will have some rabbits to sell, but not too many.  Then we will have people knocking down our door for them.

Wally and I made the decision to sell Molly Pop, Moonie’s heifer calf.  We really do not need to keep her.  We cannot put her down in the pasture with the other cows because she will nurse on Moonie and when Moonie has a calf, Moonie turns into a T-Rex.  We are keeping Peach and once Peach freshens and settles in as a milk cow, we will likely sell either Penny or Moonie, like Penny.  We do not have the pasture space to keep too many cows.

Cutting down on the livestock and growing vegetables, that’s the plan for 2015 at least for Spellcast Farm.

Until later …