Back to the drawing board …

The hide tanning experiment did not go so well.  They started to smell — really bad!  I think I tried to put too many hides in at once and the pickling solution was not able to do its job.  I’m going to try again, but this time, a more manageable number: three!  Then I’ll see how it goes.

I had 18 hides in three different buckets of tanning solution.  The thought of de-fleshing and then softening 18 hides was not a good one.  Time is short here.

It’s about like how I do a lot of things: I take on more than I should.  Maybe that should be a resolution for 2015 – break things up into manageable sizes.

But then again, I do not make resolutions.

I processed 15 rabbits yesterday and because of that, I neglected (forgot!) to take out the Sea Island Red Peas and ham to cook for New Year’s Day dinner plus I did not make it over to a local farmer’s place to get some greens or take out a ham to defrost.  Oh well.  Will you still get good luck if you cook a traditional New Year’s Day meal the day after New Year’s Day?

Quite frankly, I think a good meal cooked any day of the week is good luck.  I am blessed with some cooking ability and the access to really good food.  This morning, Wally and I had buttermilk pancakes (from scratch, using my own cultured buttermilk).  I took out a pound of ground beef and maybe we’ll throw them on the grill for supper.  Or maybe we will throw some rabbit on the grill.  I’ve got nine rabbits to get cut up and packaged today in order to make room in the refrigerator to put another batch in.  Too much work!

Another not-resolution — I will never have so many rabbits to care for and process again.  Never.  I do not care who wants them or more accurately says they want them.

Well, I guess I best get outside to help Wally feed the rabbits.

Until later …