My first day of unemployment

I didn’t do a whole lot.  I need to get my butt in gear and start doing things: taking advantage of my time off.  I’m scared.  The economy seems to get worst every day.  I have cut out some expenses such as my book-on-tape membership; I cut NetFlix down to one DVD a month and cut my phone bill down a bit.  I’m going to try to eat just two meals a day:  breakfast and supper.

Milking is going good, but Rain is not eating well.  I think she’s missing her baby and the other goats.  Wally did get me a second doe at the auction: an Oberhasli who is still in milk.  Funny, she came from the woman whom I got Kitty and Rose from so I know she’s been well taken care of.  I’ll breed her to Obie and then I’ll sell him.  Hopefully I won’t loose money on him.  The doe was only $62 which is an excellent price for a purebred doe who is accustomed to being milked.  That I know where she came from is a double bonus.  Now I’ll have two does to milk and Rain will have a friend.

Wally and I are going to have to do some modifications to the milking stand.  He originally made it to restrain goats while he trimmed their hooves and wormed them.  The way the goat’s head goes into it stanchion keeps the goat on the stand, but it doesn’t enable her to eat comfortably.  Granted, I think if Rain really wanted to eat, she would, but she doesn’t look quite right in it.  It should be an easy fix.

It’s raining today.  Pretty much just a light rain though.

I got two round bales of hay delivered yesterday.  All the hay is picked up off the field that is furthest back from me so I’ll start hauling my panels and pen down there over the next couple of days.  I’m still thinking about whether I want to leave Gel in Huntersville or not.  It’s only $20, but $20 is $20 and it is, at this point of time, a frivolous expense.  I am not going to be comfortable there so it may make sense to just pull him.  I have until next Friday to decide.