Quick Update

Work is now busy so I don’t have much free time to write. Went to class last night. Gel ran wonderfully! All of a sudden, his weave pole performance has gone from mediocre to phenomenal. Yes, he still sometimes misses entrances and pops out, but he’s driving to and through the poles like a demon. His head goes down, he digs in and drives. The first time I saw him do this (Tuesday night) I thought to myself, where did the old Gel go?

After we finished class, I brought Midge in and worked her. I was able to run the course that was set up, just doing the jumps, and she did quite well. Fern gets passed around from handler to handler during the class so she’s getting good socialization.

Here is Gel’s Novice Standard run on Sunday, October 14. Watch the dog walk performance, he almost went off the up ramp. As a general rule, I don’t like slats on agility equipment, but I think it was the slats that kept him on in this instance. If he had fallen off, we would have been disqualified.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Au25JbbG3Fw]